Web Vulnerability Scanning/Remediation Solutions

Websites and web applications are on 24/7.They permit online visitors to viewor submit information to the organizationbehind the website or web application. As in a physical shop, office or storefront, not all visitors come with good intentions. How then does the organization protect its investment and previous data from attack, destruction and possible theft?

Our Seasoned professionals use technologies from a number of established web vulnerability scanning solution providers and their intimate knowledge of web technology to help stay protected and secure.

Our solution works with all kinds of web technologies such as ASP.NET, Flash, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, XML or Web Services

  • detecting vulnerabilities in real-time on web servers, intranets, proxy servers, web application servers, database servers and web services
  • issuing professional security audit reports on a DAILY basis of any vulnerabilities detected, along with recommendations as to what to do to resolve the same, thereby promptly reining in any vulnerabilities inadvertently introduced in the course of web design and application development, thus affording you a chance to remedy the vulnerability before hackers have a chance to take advantage of it;
  • performing continuous security monitoring in order to issue alerts of new threats as they arise
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