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The Problem

In the past it was more difficult for data thieves to operate without drawing attention to themselves – as leaving the office with arms full of confidential files tends to be noticed. Today however devices such as iPods, digital cameras, PDAs, USB sticks and flash drives and indeed any device with storage capabilities also has the ability to slurp (i.e., stealing and disclosure of corporate data).

These devices come very small, seem innocuous enough, and are very popular. However, there is a real risk that these gadgets can and are being used with malicious intent. They can be used to install unauthorized or unlicensed software, upload virus or Trojan infected documents deliberately or unintentionally, even trade secrets, internal memos or financial information might be leaked out or exposed to competitors, the media or other who should not see it, you may be held liable for it if your organization is in an industry that is legally mandated to keep certain information private, while company computers might be used to store data that ought not to be there e.g., child porn or terrorism resulting in a criminal investigation and bad publicity. Even if policies prohibiting them are made, users can sneak them in and out without being detected.

The United States Government, the FBI, computer forensic experts and industry pundits encourage that the use of these devices be meticulously monitored and controlled. Since some of these devices are used in business on a daily basis, a blanket ban is not a practical solution. What is needed is technological barriers that enable control over data transfer throughout the network.

The Solution

GFI EndPointSecurity is designed to provide the means to technologically do just that. With GFI EndPointSecurity, you are protected from portable devices that connect to computers on your network via Firewire (IEEE 1934) or USB. You are also protected from all sorts of portable devices that can be used to steal data from your network such as digicams, MP3 players, Smartphones, handhelds (including Pocket PCs and Palm OS PDAs) and other storage devices such as FDD and CD/DVD.

You can also get full reports on device usage - including actual filenames transferred to and from devices - with the GFI GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack add-on. The GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack is a full-fledged reporting add-on to GFI EndPointSecurity. This reporting package can be scheduled to automatically generate graphical IT-level and management reports based on data collected by GFI EndPointSecurity, giving you the ability to report on devices connected to the network, device usage trends by machine or by user, files copied to and from devices (including actual names of files copied) and much more.

The GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack allows you to create different types of reports, including:

Executive reports: which provide an overview of blocked devices and portable storage device usage trends

Statistical reports: which provide portable device access and usage statistics

Technical reports: which provide a list of filenames copied to/from your network to devices broken down by user

Top 20 reports: which lists the top 20 users, machines, devices and application which peaked connection activity

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