N-Stalker® was created in April 2000 by information security technology specialists, aiming at providing solutions to protect corporations and individuals against digital threats that affect information systems. Since then, our research & development laboratory has been working non-stop on security researches, producing web attack detection controls for the past years.

The first product to be released was N-Stealth HTTP Security Scanner Suite, a complete set of tools to assess Web servers security, including the capabilities of identifying vulnerabilities and providing a possible solution to mitigate the risks from critical mission business infrastructure, either on the Internet or in a corporate environment.

By permanently making use of attack signature updates, the software has aggregated the most extensive and updated database available on the market, with more than 35,000 vulnerabilities and exploits for Web environments, recursively utilized by the scanning tool...

GFI MailArchiver 6.1 Launched

GFI Software recently announced the release of GFI MailArchiver 6.1 - the comprehensive email archival tool for Microsoft Exchange server and IMAP compliant mail servers.

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GFI LANguard 9 Released

GFI have just released version 9 of GFI LANguard - the award-winning solution used by more than 20,000 customers that allows you to scan, detect, assess and rectify security vulnerabilities on your network and to secure it with minimal administrative effort. Version 9 ships with a number of new features aimed at improving user experience through increased automation as well as the retrieval of additional hardware information during network audits