Who are we?

Justis Publishing Ltd is an independent publisher of electronic legal information and provider of publishing software and services. Since 1986 we have provided the legal community with electronic access to a wide range of titles from well respected legal publishers. Our publishing partners include The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England & Wales, Sweet & Maxwell, Office of Public Sector Information, and many

What is Justis?

Justis is our full text online legal library of UK, Irish and EU case law dating back to 1163 and legislation from 1235.

With over 20 years of experience working with legal and information professionals we are able to deliver services that are widely regarded as the most intuitive in the market.

In October 2006, we launched the latest edition of our Justis service. A host of new features has been implemented in the service including: more.

  • exact replica PDF for presentation in court;
  • all UK legislation including repealed acts and measures;
  • quick searches for faster retrieval of vital information;
  • partial reference searching.

Who uses Justis?

Justis is used by legal practitioners and information professionals worldwide.

In the UK alone well over half of all practicing barristers and advocates have access to titles through Justis.

Of the top 100 solicitor firms in the UK more than 60% subscribe to one or more titles through us and our overseas subscriptions extend to 84 countries.

You can start using Justis today by applying for a free trial.

Justis Publishing announced it partnership with Niche Konsult in respect of the Nigerian market on January 12, 2009.