Ensure consistent, repeatable testing to establish a baseline and prove the efficacy of security systems and remediation efforts

Provides a window into the types of information publicly available about an organization that could help attackers craft their assaults

Helps illustrate lingering vulnerabilities to business an IT leaders to help validate existing and continued investment in security projects and systems

Illustrates due diligence to compliance auditors seeking proof that security controls are being tested and improved on a regular basis

Summary reports allow management to see results without wading through technical details

Detail reports provide the information required for auditors to assure compliance and for IT staff to remediate problems found in concise, highly readable formats

Enables users to sort thorough lengthy scanner results to identify your organization’s most critical risks, validate the efficacy of defensive mechanisms, and eliminate time wasted on addressing false positives

Provides targeted intelligence to patch management systems allowing security workers to prioritize remediation efforts

Increases the ROI of other vulnerability management solutions by turning static results into actionable data

Gives testers the ability to see how multiple vulnerabilities across various assets can be exploited to dig deeper into IT infrastructure and access underlying systems

Demonstrates how specific vulnerabilities can be exploited, helping to differentiate real threats from false positives

Extends the breadth of penetration tests by allowing users to move deeper into the network leveraging network connections and trust relationships to emulate multi-staged threats against increasingly sensitive systems

Validates the ability of existing authentication and perimeter defensive systems to cut off unauthorised external activity

Simulates sophisticated hacker and malware activity meant to execute code or overtake compromised systems

Allows testers to customize exploits for unique environments to address specific configurations and proprietary applications