AVG 2011 Launch Promotions

Business Security Promotion (valid until 2300hours December 31, 2010)

Home Security Promotion (valid until 2300hours December 25, 2010)


“What’s unique about AVG 2011 is that it harnesses the power of our community by leveraging our 110 million users. With our new People-Powered Protection technology and approach, everyone is encouraged and empowered to be part of the solution; everyone who is part of the AVG community is assisting to protect everyone else who also uses our products by sending us over 1.5 billion potential threats from all over the world for evaluation every single day,we believe that AVG 2011’s powerful Web-security features, including enhanced social networking security, enhanced speed and detection rates and an easy to use and intuitive user interface, are best-in-class amongst both free and paid security software offerings.”

J.R. Smith, CEO, AVG Technologies

AVG’s Belief: Everyone should be protected

Protection and privacy are basic human rights, especially when so much of our lives depends on a safe online environment.

In short, AVG protects people, not computers. This is why AVG offers a range of protection choices to fit the different ways that people work and play online on a range of devices

AVG’s Promise

AVG will never stop innovating and growing its community so that AVG can ensure ever greater levels of protection and true peace of mind

AVG is:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Easy-to-install
  • Easy-to-configure
  • Easy-to-deploy
  • AVG is light on system resources

If you have between 1 and 10 computers in the home, then go to the Home Security Section

If you have between 2 and 1000 computers in your business, then go to the Business Security Section

If you run a School,College or University, then we have special offers for you! 50% off Recommended Retail Price

If you represent a charity,church,mosque,local government, City government, state government or federal government, then we also have special offers for you!50% off Recommended Retail Price

AVG 2011 Improvements

AVG 2011 delivers significant improvements across all products and brings to your customers:

A Faster, Lighter and More Powerful Product

  • One of the fastest scanning speeds available
  • AVG Smart Scanning (New)
  • System tools (Enhanced)

Amazing Threat Prevention

  • AVG Email Scanner (Enhanced)
  • AVG Firewall (Enhanced)

People-Powered Protection: Powered by the AVG Community

  • AVG Protective Cloud Technology (New)
  • AVG Community Protection Network (New)

Superior Web Protection

  • AVG Social Networking Protection (New and Unique to AVG)
  • AVG Threa tLabs (New)
  • AVG LinkScanner® (Enhanced)

The Simplest and Easiest to Use – Improved Ease of Use

  • Intuitive user interface (Enhanced)
  • Silent / Game / Movie Mode (Enhanced)
  • Customizable Remote Administration Console (Enhanced)

*AVG Internet Security was rated Number 1 in threat detection by AV-Test Org May-August 2010. AVG malware scanning engines are among the fastest in the industry, however all security software uses memory and processor power and can therefore result in slower system performance.

AVG 2010 Languages Supported at Launch

Bahasa (Indonesia); Brazilian Portuguese; Chinese (Simplified & Traditional); Czech; Danish; Dutch; English; French; German; Hindi; Hungarian; Italian; Japanese; Korean; Malaysian; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Serbian; Slovak; Spanish (Latin American); Turkish

AVG 2011 Launch Promotions

Business Security Promotion (valid until 2300hours December 31, 2010)

Home Security Promotion (valid until 2300hours December 25, 2010)