AVG Business Security Products

Essential/Exceptional protection for your small or medium-sized business

The world of small business has changed. Businesses like yours rely increasingly on the Internet to provide the tools to compete and succeed. As you and your employees communicate and store more of your commercial and personal information online, these trends in work practices have attracted a new generation of cyber criminal. Traditional security systems and online safeguards are no longer enough; you need next generation business protection.

Welcome to AVG. Innovating to protect today’s 'Internet-active' small business.

Running a small business is about being free to do what you love, to do what you're best at, to do that which got you into business in the first place.

You're the one for whom we built AVG. All the benefits of a world renowned security expert, made practical and accessible for the small business.

Boasting industry leading protection, keeping your business safe both online and offline.

Engineered to be fast, light on resource and easy to use

Encompassing solutions to suit your business network, from laptops and PCs to networks and servers.

Creating more time for the day job, fewer frustrations and providing the freedom to fully embrace every online opportunity, without a second thought.

It all adds up to AVG.

AVG 2011 Business Edition is: Easy to administrate, Designed for non-IT specialists

AVG Business Edition 2011 Launch Promotion

AVG 2011 Business Edition comes in the following flavours:

AVG Anti-Virus Business Edition 2011

AVG Internet Security Business Edition 2011

AVG File Server Business Edition 2011

AVG Email Server Business Edition 2011

AVG Linux Server Business Edition 2011