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Imagine never having to buy an antivirus product again!Despite the resources dedicated to security, 72% of networks with up-to-date antivirus protection are infected.(* Source: Panda Security research conducted worldwide in 2007 on 1.48 million PCs. Available at Panda Managed Office Protection is a web-based anti-malware subscription service for SMBs that removes the costs and hassles of managing associated with antivirus while ensuring high-level security for all PCs, laptops and servers – even from remote branch offices.

July 21, 2008 – Abuja, Nigeria – This week Niche Konsult introduces Panda Managed Office Protection into the Nigerian market.

Panda Managed Office Protection is a Web-based antimalware subscription service that relieves SMBs of the costs and headaches of managing hardware, personnel and other resources dedicated to antivirus protection.


Reduces operating costs. No additional infrastructure is required as it is a hosted service.

Eliminates complex tasks. The Web console allows administrators to easily deploy, manage and monitor protection.

Reduces productivity loss. It detects malware that consumes resources or disrupts employees’ work.

Improves risk management. The Web console offers real-time information about the detections on the network. It also lets you run periodic malware audits.

Prevents identity theft. Finds hidden malware that could steal sensitive information from your organization.

Enjoy security – as a service.

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Panda Security is Europe's leading IT security company, and ranks fourth in the industry worldwide.

Our mission is to keep our customers' information and IT assets safe from security threats, giving them the most effective protection with minimum resource consumption.

Panda Security proposes a new security model, designed to offer a robust solution to the latest cyber-crime techniques. This model is centered on a series of acclaimed and innocative protection technologies that stay one step ahead of threats and proactively prevent all types of attacks.

Founded in 1990, Panda had a revenue of US$ 141 million in 2006 and has a solid financial background thanks to the participation of major investment groups, such as Investindustrial, Gala Capital, HarbourVest and Atlantic Bridge, in its share capital.

With Panda Security's vocation to global protection, Panda Security is present in 54 countries, and have 1,500 employees, products translated into more than 20 languages and 2.5 million customers worldwide.

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