Abuja, Nigeria – Tuesday, January 23, 2007 – Niche Konsult is proud to announce that its web security partner - Acunetix is declaring a New Year surplus for all website owners in Nigeria. Commencing January 9, 2007, some website owners can enjoy a completely FREE AND COMPLIMENTARY scan of their website. Other website owners not covered by the FREE AND COMPLIMENTARY exercise are entitled to a DISCOUNTED or BARGAIN website scan.

Tagged the Acunetix SiteAudit, the offer does the following things for your website, namely:

      * Provides you with an immediate and comprehensive website security audit
      * Ensures your website is secure against web attacks
      * Checks for SQL injection, cross site scripting and other vulnerabilities
      * Audits shopping carts, forms, and dynamic content
      * Scans all your website and web applications including Javascript/AJAX applications for security vulnerabilities and includes:
      * A full detailed audit report on your website and web application security
      * A full detailed audit report on your web server and database engine
      * Listings of all the vulnerabilities found
      * Recommendations for fixing those problem

Websites: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

For the relative non-initiate, a passing mention of what websites are and what they are not, what they do and what they do not do, and why organizations in both the public and private sectors sport them may not hurt.

Websites are fun to have and to run. And trendy too! They are the electronic counterpart of your brick and mortar showroom, a shop front window of sorts! You may also want to think of them in terms of a full colour three dimension catalog of the goods and services you render to your customers and prospects in the global village. And you can so arrange to take their orders electronically, and even have them make payments electronically too! Now that’s cool, isn’t it? But clients and prospects aren’t the only “shoppers” who get attracted to your website, anymore than genuine buyers are the only customers who stop by the corner shop. Shoplifters do too! Now hackers are the electronic equivalent of your flesh and blood shoplifter! And they are fast turning the business of website ownership into a nightmare! But you need not be their victim.

To illustrate, Privacy Clearinghouse, the US-based leading watchdog on privacy and security issues reports that over 800,000 records of students, alumni, employees and pensioners were compromised in December 2006 alone. And the single largest victim of this hacker onslaught was no less than the world renowned University of Los Angeles, otherwise known as UCLA, for short.

That being the case, make no mistake, sooner than later, hackers will be getting to you if you don’t learn to sleep with your eyes open. Read, with your website scanner on. Hackers themselves never sleep, so why should you? Not unless of course Acunetix is keeping watch over your website. Hackers are on the prowl 24/7, and they are a cabal, ruled like a fiefdom, just in case you never suspected! And their stock in trade is to track down and explore every available vulnerability to steal personal data in your custody via your website, to sell same on the black market!. Full names, dates of birth, home and business addresses, account and telephone numbers and what have you – that’s a gold mine to them! Contact information ready and eager buyers in the market can use to fraudulently apply for stuff like GSM phones, credit/debit cards, make online purchases or launch clandestine attacks – terrorist or otherwise. And since, for some people at least, some of these coordinates hardly change, hackers can retain and resell and buyers can use and reuse this information time and time again, to the detriment of your client – and your reputation as a custodian of sensitive personal data.

A hacker’s haven – why? Hackers succeed for a number of reasons. Innate vulnerabilities are one. But perhaps a lack of either awareness of or concern for website security on the part of website operators is another factor, perhaps a trifle more serious than the first. Then again, where an organization has a network of branches spread across the country, maintaining a tight grip on security can be somewhat problematic, if not even elusive. And with not-for-profit bodies, the problem may have to do with a dearth of in-house expertise to run auditing software efficiently and effectively. Either that, or maintaining an in-house testing crew may be seen as dispensable overhead.

Good news for 2007 – Acunetix SiteAudit all for free!

Acunetix software licence ranges from N360,000.00 to N2,000,000.00. For some organizations that’s well beyond them. For such bodies, at N 60,000.00 minimum per scan, Acunetix SiteAudit represented a more affordable option. But now Acunetix is saying, forget what we told you before. Take what we are telling you now. ACUNETIX SiteAudit is ABSOLUTELY FREE, to be had just for the asking! For some others not coming within the free offer, the name of the game is a bargain discount!

How Acunetix SiteAudit Works

Acunetix SiteAudit is the new on-demand web security audit service that provides your organization with an immediate and comprehensive security audit of all off-the-shelf and bespoke web applications. On behalf of Acunetix, Niche Konsult, sole Nigerian representative of Acunetix performs Acunetix SiteAudit using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, which ordinarily retails at N60,000.00 We are offering three combinations at the moment: Acunetix SiteAudit 1 Nominated Website- Single Scan @ N54,000.00; Acunetix SiteAudit 1 Nominated Website- Six Scans during One Year @ N135,000.00; Acunetix SiteAudit 1 Nominated Website- Twelve Scans during One Year @ N178,200.00. To make payments, please credit the account below:

 Bank: GTBank Address: Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, FCT Account No: 3223249323110 Beneficiary: Niche Konsult

Niche Konsult’s Offer

In addition to performing a thorough web application scan, Niche Konsult also offers an audit of your web and database servers to ensure that your security is completely up to scratch.

Taking Advantage

For your free and complimentary SiteAudit and your BARGAIN DISCOUNT SiteAudit Email: in either case, be sure to include the following information Name of Contact person Name of organization Type of organization (University/NGO/Other) GSM Number TEL/FAX Website

About Acunetix

Acunetix was founded to combat the alarming rise in web attacks. Its flagship product, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner, is the result of several years of development by a team of highly experienced security developers. Acunetix is a privately held company with its offices in Malta, US and the UK.

About Niche Konsult

Niche Konsult is an information technology security firm with expertise in content, messaging, network and web application security. Niche Konsult provides software and solutions that help individuals, small and medium size businesses, large companies and governments optimize and secure their information technology infrastructure.

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